HMA Assistance

(816) 380-3505


The Harrisonville Ministerial Alliance office is located in the thrift store at 1405 S. Commercial Street, Harrisonville, Missouri.  The office offers financial assistance to residents of Cass County as funds are available.  Generally a household can receive up to $75 in assistance toward one of the following qualifying expenses:


Electric, gas and water bills

Rent or mortgage payments



In addition, one night motel stays in Harrisonville are available for people traveling through town (but not for local residents).  To receive a motel voucher, go to the Harrisonville Police Department located at 205 N. Lexington.  An officer will check for any outstanding warrants and if none exist, he or she will issue a motel voucher 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Food is provided to area residents through the Shepherd's Staff food pantry. 


The alliance does not have funds for extended motel stays, gasoline or utility and apartment deposits. 


The person who staffs the alliance office is always available to pray with clients and visit with them about their needs and concerns.  The office also provides free Bibles and Christian books to clients.




1:00 pm to 5:00 pm





Funding for benevolence comes from thrift store sales, the City of Harrisonville Helping Hands utility assistance program, the United Way, and gifts from churches, community organizations and individuals.


If you would like to support the benevolence fund financially, please make checks payable to the Harrisonville Ministerial Alliance and mail them to P.O. Box 262, Harrisonville, MO, 64701.  Thank you for your thoughtful generosity.


Call (816) 380-3505 to learn

if funds are available.